Meet Calm Mind Project Founder, Amber Hawken

My work is dedicated to passing on practical principles for spiritual evolution and a magnificent life.

Essentially, I hate beating around the bush, so I make personal development digestible, funny and simple.  Four ingredients are required: Vulnerability, mindfulness, a great sense of humour and purpose.

To me, mindfulness is about making life awe-inspiring, invigorating and to be perfectly frank, magical, by doing little more than paying attention to the beauty right in front of our noses. I’ve been working with mindfulness, re-patterning therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy for over half a decade and I have found that the most potent skill is being able to navigate our attention at will. Building emotional resilience, emotional intelligence and self-awareness is something I’m incredibly passionate about, and I'm excited to finally be bringing this work to schools.


Professional Bio

Amber Hawken is the head of a small, multi-faceted Australian company serving multiple audiences within the business dynamic, as well as private and government institutions such as The Australian Defence Force and education systems within high schools and primary schools across Australia through Calm Mind Project. 

A Diploma of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a Deep State Re-Patterning Therapist are some of the professional qualifications and tools that Amber brings to her work around emotional and mental self-mastery. Amber has worked with thousands of clients through her online programs and 1:1 private mentoring.

Amber’s ability to hold a space for participants with respect and vulnerability, the construction and journey of content to ensure that key messages are allowed to land without heavy handedness, all of this is delivered by Amber on a stage with hundreds, or in a classroom of 30.