All refunds and cancellation procedures are in accordance with ACCC Consumer guidelines. Specific product and service related policies are listed below, however for all products and services sold by Calm Mind Project, no refunds will be given for any fees and purchases if:

- you have simply changed your mind or decided you no longer like or have use for the purchase

- you discover you can buy the goods or services more cheaply elsewhere

- you have damaged the goods by using them in a way that was unreasonable

- No refunds available after service has been delivered.

Calm Mind Project may also allow purchasers to transfer to different services of an equal value, however not all circumstance will be granted transfer.

Online Products and Programs Policy: No refunds available after sale has been completed

Workshops and Events Policy: No refunds or ticket transfer after sale has been completed.

Tickets are not transferrable for workshops or live events.

Retreat Policy:

All retreat payments are non-refundable and require a minimum non-refundable $300 deposit in order to register. The following policies are effective as of the time you submit your deposit or register for a retreat –

- Request for transfer to a different retreat date (within 12 months of the original date) permitted with at least 90 days notice from the original retreat date.

- Retreat positions may not be transferred to another person

- In the case of extenuating circumstances as listed below, a request for a refund within 90 days of the retreat can be made for 50% of the total amount of services not yet rendered minus the minimum $300 deposit. Extenuating circumstances include inability to attend due to emergencies such as severe illness or accidents, or being deemed unfit for communication for more than 12 months and certified by treating doctor.

For further information on Calm Mind Project refund and return policy, please email