Classroom Meditations Bundle

Classroom Meditations Bundle


Classroom Meditations Bundle is perfect for Teachers of all ages to begin incorporating meditation during class time. Pack includes 11 downloadable MP3 meditations and 1 Calm mind Project Intro Pack for Schools and Parents (which includes a range of mindfulness activities and how to implement them).

Meditation titles:

Emotional Awareness - I am the Pond Meditation (All ages)

Simple Calm Meditation (All ages)

Big Belly Breathing Meditation (All ages)

Body Scan Meditation (K-Year 3)

Empowered Mantra Meditation (K-Year 3)

Mindful Spidey Senses Meditation (K-Year 3)

Release Uncomfortable Emotions Meditation (Yr 4-12)

Body Scan Meditation (Yr 4-12)

Calm Meditation (Yr 4-12)

Empowered Mantra Meditation (Yr 4-12)

Mindful Senses Meditation (Yr 4-12)

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