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Calm Mind Project offers a variety of different programs.

We are planning our expansion in a way that we don’t overwhelm our crew trying to do it all at once. Ya know, being mindful and calm and all.

So we will be launching programs like popcorn. A little sporadically and mostly overly excited. Whilst we won’t launch them covered in salt and butter, we promise you that they’ll be delicious for your mind, emotions and spirit.

Currently we are providing some kind of program, event, workshop, retreat, content and/or festival for each of these groups we’ve listed. Check out our forever growing programs page and be sure to keep an eye out on your emails and Instagram for new programs and products.

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Everyday People



Free audio program that teaches you to calm your mind, build emotional intelligence, cultivate self-control and expect a butt-load more joy.



It’s to raise awareness about the importance of mindfulness, meditation and movement and how they can help us build emotional resilience, inner peace and fulfillment in our lives.



Our program was designed mindfully for people who have things to do and life to live and still want to master their minds and increase calm and inspiration in their world.

Schools, Parents + Little Ones



Our school programs are one of our main focuses, rolling out the program to around 25 schools every 6 months.


not yet live

A combination of tools for the parents themselves and ways to implement these into family and everyday life.


not yet live

Simple animation learning to teach children to meditation, live mindfully and understand their emotions.

Teachers, Workshops + Professionals


Jan + April retreats now live

Designed specifically for teachers who find it hard to switch off, slow down, prioritise themselves but want to learn how to embrace and embody practical tools for a Calm Mind and overall wellbeing.


not yet live

A fun and empowering certified training that enables you to teach and embody mindfulness, meditation and self awareness for resilience, emotional intelligence and wellbeing.



Our workshops are half and one day-ers (that’s now a word) that are focused on a specific topic from our key foundations. They’re always age specific and unique in nature.


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One of our primary focuses is working in schools. Below is a list of some of the various workshops we run with the students and teachers. These are also adaptable for businesses.

RESILIENCE: strengthening focus, building emotional intelligence and self awareness through mindfulness and meditation.

This program is the foundation of our best work because it teaches the core skills of focusing attention, calming the mind and building inner resilience and mental strength through mindfulness and emotional awareness techniques.

Suitable for businesses.


Student program: 50 minutes for ages 12 and under, and 75 minutes for ages 13 and above.

Teacher program: 3.5 hour PD

Our Resilience Program also includes:

  • Private online members areas that contain a plethora of resources including different techniques for everyday life/the classroom and how to integrate them easily. We are here to ensure consistency and ongoing results and guarantee long term return on investment.

  • Tracking sheets to track progress and results with monthly check in from the CMP team for teachers/business owner.

  • Two follow up calls to the principals/business within three months post event to address challenges and/or coach implementation of the techniques within the culture and system.

  • 6 months of email access support.



Cultivating a positive self image, confidence and calm while addressing mental illness and it's self destructive behaviours (depression, anxiety, self harm, wagging, emotional eating, poor wellbeing, stress and exhaustion) through purpose and self connection.


Who am I and what do I want to do with my life? Helping the children identify their individual strength and build the courage and confidence to commit to their studies and deal with stress of exams, school work and peer pressure.
50 minute workshop - Suitable for ages 11 and above.


Addressing the core of bullying and cultivating kindness and positive community amongst the students.
50 minute workshop - Suitable for all ages.

CALM + WELL (for teachers)

How to build inner resilience, calm and confidence through mindfulness and meditation with the pressure and time poor schedule of a teacher. We address nervous system overload, exhaustion, emotional breakdowns and performance pressures.

Keynote Speaking

Amber Hawken has featured at keynote events for Lululemon, Camplify, Lorna Jane, We Are Podcast, LIFExlns as well as development programs and events for teachers, APs, DPs and principals on building wellbeing, mental strength and resilience through emotional intelligence and mindfulness.