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FREE Half Day Festival 9 AM -2 PM

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Hey - guess what? We’re having a FREE mindfulness festival on November 3rd 2018 at Justin Park, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast and everybody is invited.

It’s to raise awareness about the importance of mindfulness, meditation and movement and how they can help us build emotional resilience, inner peace and fulfillment in our lives.

Calm Mind Project is an organisation that addresses the foundations of inner connection, emotional intelligence and purposeful living, through in person and online programs, events and festivals that teach youth, every day people and business folk the basic yet fundamental life skills of mindfulness, meditation and self awareness. We’ve got a big, beautiful goal of reaching 1,000,000 Calm Minds by 2023, and it’s with people like you attending a festival like this that not only helps us, but also helps you be a part of something that’s changing the world!

Right, here is a snapshot of the day. We hope you dig it!

Three tents of epic-ness and one giant MainStage of yoga, movement, soundscape, meditation and inspiring speakers.

- Mindful yoga class focused on the mind-body connection
Soundscape session for the senses
- Mini-workshops on resilience, emotional intimacy and thought awareness
Mindfulness tools and techniques for everyday life
- Guided meditation and peace and compassion session
Chill out zone: mindful games and retraining the nervous system for calm
Youth zone including yoga and meditation sessions
- Mindful munch area with food trucks and smoothies
$1,000 prize announced at 2 PM including Lululemon gift vouchers, meditation packages, gym memberships and more. Details will be emailed the day before the festival :)

Got kids? No worries. Obviously with our school programs, are in full swing of supporting youth resilience and wellbeing. We will be running youth yoga and mindfulness workshops and will also have a kids corner!

We want this to be an experience that lasts even after you walk away from the festival. If you simply just learn how to breathe better, we will be stoked!

At Calm Mind Project we do things a little different. The founder, Amber Hawken, has a dorky sense of humour and believes laughter and simplicity above all, can do great things for our inner resilience. All of our programs (and this festival) are designed to be FUN, easy and accessible to every person, like - ever, on the planet.

We would love you to come along, have fun, take home practical skills and in general, have a good time.

We will also have food trucks and other awesomeness to fuel your bodies (we love food - a lot) and the auditory magic that will lull us with his good vibes as the day winds down.


get your limited CMP festival goodie bag (first 100 registrants only)


At its core, mindfulness allows us to observe and train our minds, overcome our negativities and fulfil our inner potential.


Festival Schedule







Why mindfulness? Why meditation? Why movement?  Whyyyy a festival?


Good Questions! Here’s the short answer:

We have a global happiness problem. 560 million of us across the world have anxiety and depression and in general people report their levels of fulfilment as less than a 5/10.

That’s roughly one in five people who aren’t experiencing joy, fulfilment and happiness in their lives.

Our 10-year goal is that through awareness and accessibility, these tools become core parts of the teaching curriculum in schools. 

In general, people are always ‘switched’ on and without realising it, in an acute state of stress and/or anxiety almost constantly.

CMP festival is about starting a big, open conversation about these practices through education and giving people a decent taste of it as well as take home tools and techniques (for all ages) that take only a few minutes a day to do.

We want people to understand that a calm, confident and more fulfilled state of being is not so complex or impossible.

We want to make a global ripple with the message: life is right now and a more peaceful state is awaiting your conscious awareness.

These states of being are so easy to do and they don’t only address current mental, emotional and physical stressors and disorders, they cultivate resilience and deepen our connection with ourselves at every level. Most of all, if taught at an early enough age (hence the programs in schools), they become prevention strategies, not just reactive therapies.

The ancient practices of mindfulness, meditation and movement are growing in acknowledgement and we want to give a momentous push to this awareness and create a bigger conversation about its usefulness by giving people a fun and first hand experience of these life changing practices can be.



Bottom line: We want to educate everybody about mindfulness practice and make it as accessible as possible.

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What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is essentially the building block to a life not skipped over.

1. the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.

2. a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

We have people in their heads, being confused and run by their emotions and disconnected from their bodies which we all know (and psychology and science tells us) contributes to the 560 million reasons to begin incorporating practical, simple and accessible versions of these ancient practices in our everyday.


Hi, I am Amber Hawken, the founder of CMP, an organisation that addresses the foundations of inner connection, emotional intelligence and purposeful living.


A note from our founder, Amber Hawken.



After a decade of working my way through a variety of areas of wellness and psychotherapy, I (amongst many other incredible beings doing similar projects in this world), realised our society is in dire need of the basics of mental and emotional resilience and practical spiritual self awareness. I simply concluded that if we get the basics as kids, we might be less likely trying to fight and just, ‘cope’ as adults.

That’s how CMP was born, and along with an ever growing gang of mindful practitioners, we are taking it to the world, one beautiful mind at a time.

We get it; life can be tough and awesome in equal proportions. Through understanding ourselves on a deeper level than Instagram stories and self help books promising ‘all the answers’, we can learn to balance our daily human adventures with less friction, with less time feeling ‘lost’, ‘stuck’ or downright disempowered and more time appreciating the good in life, (light and dark) and the great (and not so great) in ourselves and others all the same.

Mindfulness, meditation and movement is an inside job. It starts with you and it starts small - cultivating inner resilience, trust in ourselves and our intuition to create a happier way of living. Spoiler Alert: Mindfulness, meditation and movement don’t change what’s happening around you, they change what’s going on inside of you.

It’s our reaction to stuff that changes. Our experience and perception of life shifts, which has a ripple effect on our emotions, drivers, habits and actions. It starts with the small stuff. And the small stuff makes up the big stuff; which is what we call ‘life’.


The CMP Festival invites YOU to come and experience the connection with yourself and others achieved through mindfulness, meditation and movement, and take away practical, doable mindful tips, tricks and hacks that will last a lifetime.

The first 100 people to register will get an AMAZING goodie bag, that better be you..


Speakers, teachers and performers:

Epic Businesses Supporting Calm Mind Festival


The CMP Festival is TOTALLY FREE but you need to register. Click here - your mind will love you for it.


Festival Schedule


9am - 12 pm

Main Stage:

Yoga - Soundscape - Meditation - Amber's talk on resilience - Collective Compassion Minute

Other Tents

  • Youth yoga

  • Youth resilience mindfulness workshops

  • Meditation classes

  • Meditation and mindfulness techniques for busy people workshop

  • Acro yoga and slack lining

  • Chill out zone

12:30 - 2PM

Acro Yoga, Lulu Lemon GIFT VOUCHER giveaway competition, food, sun and Nick Cunningham singing his magic 

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Frequently Asked Questions about this mindfulness stuff.



What are some scientific studies around Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga and their benefits?

The good news is there are thousands of studies based on qualitative and quantitative analysis of the impact of meditation, mindfulness and yoga undertaken by varied disciplines that span health, medicine, fitness, elite sports, psychology, mental health, pediatric to geriatric medicine, wellness and beyond. The applications of the 3 Ms span from preventative wellness to alleviating severe and chronic mental and physical conditions including back pain and PTSD. Plus we have that 4000 years of anecdotal evidence from cultures like India, China and Tibet where meditation is a fundamental part of their practice and their medical systems. There have been yoga hospitals in India for hundreds of years where the doctors prescribe yoga as medicine, which was one of its original purposes, and all yogic postures and breathing have a direct therapeutic rationale for underlying health conditions. In the West, meditation, mindfulness and yoga are seen as an integral part of mainstream integrated health and the benefits are comprehensively proven.  If you are interested in the research being done in this space, Google any of the disciplines and peer reviewed/evidence based research and tuck in for some fascinating reading.


Do the 3Ms help with serious mental illness?

The short answer is yes. Serious mental illness while usually treated with traditional forms of medication and psychiatric treatment during its acute phase increasingly is being supplemented with the 3 Ms by medical practitioners who understand the healing, calming, centering and self awareness benefits that these modalities bring. Recent studies showed over 31 million Americans had used yoga, meditation or mindfulness as part of their mental health recovery. Yoga practice has been proven through a number of government supported programs to be significantly effective in dealing with PTSD and trauma related conditions, and is used extensively with returned veterans and others who have suffered traumatic events. For an overview of how the 3 Ms are deployed this article in The Conversation covers it nicely.


Is mindfulness and meditation a weird ‘spiritual?’ thing? What if I can’t do it right?

Firstly - there is no such thing as a ‘wrong’ meditation when you can appreciate that it’s a practice. I believe spirituality is something that is experienced and lived, not discussed or taught. In my opinion, spirituality, by its definition, cannot be discussed. Just the resulting experiences of spirituality can be described. Spirituality itself is transrational. It’s like counting to infinity. Words can capture part of it but never fill it up. It’s also personal, so whatever connection and peace feel like to you - that’s all the spirituality you’ll need to play.


Do I have to make my mind empty, as I totally can’t, I’ve tried.

Nope. Mindfulness and meditation aren’t about making your mind empty, as pretty much no one can do that. It’s about being able to be present and get a better handle on your reactions so you are able to be calm and reflective, rather than reactive. And you need to learn it and then practice it. Like anything, it will all be new at first, but the more you do it the easier it gets.


Do I need to have kids at school to come to the festival?

The CMP Festival is open to everyone who wants to learn about using mindfulness, meditation and movement in their lives. We are a whole community, and whether you are a parent, a teacher, a kid or none of the above, a mindful, happy society builds resilient, connected communities. You’re invited. Officially.


Why is there only a short kids section of activities?

To be frank, we wanted to make this accessible to everyone. Because while the children were the initial inspiration for CMP programs in the first place, those with a voice of change are walking talking over 18’s, parents, teachers, business folk, and every day humans. So we want to give the kids something they enjoy whilst teaching, inspiring and empowering everyone else as well. Mindfulness doesn't discriminate.


I’m not sure about this - do I have to participate or can I just have a look?

Sure, just come and have a peek, this is all about awareness and experience, we won’t be making people do the chicken dance or drink the kool aid! We will just be giving tools, talks and experiences to help you start your mindfulness practice and understand how it can help you and everyone pretty much to have a happier life.


Do I have to pay?

Nope. Totally free thanks to our amazing sponsors (check them and their total radness out). You will be able to purchase food and drinks at the event, but all the activities are FREE!


Festival Location


Getting There

There is plenty of parking available around the festival shown here in the map. If you're opting for public transport, check out the timetables here.


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