Welcome back!

If you didn't do your day one meditation - do not skip it.

This program is designed to build on each day and you'll be missing foundational understandings if you try and jump ahead.

Okies, day two. Let's dive in.
Our focus today is: observing and listening, but not reacting. 

All you need to do in today's meditation is observe.

That's it, no need to do anything else. 

Today's introduction is much shorter than day one. As we go on you'll need less understanding and more meditating. 

I go into details about the body’s intelligence and vast ability to communicate emotions and intuition and how a busy mind cuts off this kind of intelligence

The reason busy people should care about this is quite straightforward.

What busy people need more of (aside from being less busy and finding contentment) is efficiency. Busy people make a lot of decisions each day and this is exhausting. A busy mind often over-thinks decisions, the past and worries about the future so much so that it becomes incredibly exhausting, stressful, anxiety-inducing and sometimes, even paralysing. 

Learning to listen to the body is a skill that enhances the ability to make better decisions without being clouded by emotion while building emotional intelligence all at once. Pretty rad - eh?

So, let's get to it. 

Listen and download the Day 2 Introduction here.
Listen and download the Day 2 let the body do the talking here.

Bonus challenge: before you make any decisions in the next 24 hours (including business, what you're going to eat or if you're going to choose between the gym and the couch) check in with your body about it. Get familiar with doing this. It's okay if you get nothing or your mind kicks in. You're developing a new skill so it's likely you will suck at first :) 

Ambz + The Calm Mind Crew.