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Why We Believe Meditation + Mindfulness Will Change The World

Calm Crew here. We would love to re-introduce ourselves.

Calm Mind Project addresses the foundations of inner connection, emotional intelligence and purposeful living by teaching mindfulness, meditation and self awareness.

Our founder, Amber has recorded an on the fly audio for you guys about our current expansion, goals and intentions for Calm Mind Project (down below after you read the blog).

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Taking Out The Trash

In meditation world where mindfulness lives, it is often said that your mind gets busier before it gets stiller – who’s finding that right now with their mindfulness practice (I’m imagining hands flying up in the air)? That’s what happens, once you actually come into the moment, and aren’t distracting yourself with past and future fiction of your own making, things start to get a little cray cray.

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Practice Makes…Practice.

At Calm Mind Project we are big believers that we are all perfect all the time. When we hold this as a fundamental belief, then we know that who we are right now is the total best, and we don’t have any reason to be self critical or hate on ourselves or anyone else for that matter.

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Mindful As.

Boring. Boring, boring, boring. BORING.

Is that what you think when you think of mindfulness? I recently presented to a bunch of very switched on Year 9 students. Interestingly, when I asked them if they had ever experienced anxiety, stress, bad sleep patterns, depression or worry, their hands SHOT UP in the air, some with both hands raised. But when I asked them if they had ever heard of mindfulness or tried any techniques to help with their issues, they were totally MEH about it.

Mindfulness, to their minds, was boring.

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Mindfulness - The Unsuspecting Life Skill Underpinning All Success

We are a society obsessed with developing ourselves but are ignorantly bypassing the most simple and powerful practice (mindfulness) that both transforms our physical brain and strengthens our mental muscle to be able to have the awareness and discipline to not react to a mind whose nature is to want, need and strive for more.

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The Power of Mindfulness

Mindfulness activities are designed to guide you towards becoming a more mindful human being, one who can focus and pay attention and follow through with their intentions and goals. A person who can feel intense emotions rise, and rather than react and project, they reflect and respond responsibly.

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Emotional Resilience Through Mindfulness

Happiness is not something we create, it is something we have to allow. 90% or perhaps 100% of our emotional pain, suffering or stress comes from our inability to allow life to be exactly the way it is. I don’t mean to give up or become a victim to your situation; Instead, what I am talking about when I say allow, is noticing the battle between your ears and working to step back from it and allow life to be.

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Make Mindfulness Fun: 5 Tips for Parents

Cultivating mindfulness in our kids begins with cultivating mindfulness in ourselves. We can only parent as well as we can live because our kids can see through the facade that we might even be disillusioned by. Authenticity aids consistency, trust, connection, and teaching. What we model matters.

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