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Teachers Need Wellbeing Too! – Fighting Burnout With Mindfulness.

To say thanks for all you do as a teacher (and everything else you are in your own lives) we have some very awesome free stuff to fight fatigue and burnout that you can do in a few minutes every day. If your mind could drink an espresso and have a massage at the same time – this is IT!

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Mindfulness and Emotional Resilience

Resilience is the ability to get back up after adversity, to rise strong and see failure and setbacks as an integral part of learning and growth. Life is unpredictable, and there will always be happy and difficult times to experience. Resilient people are able to greet change and difficulty as an opportunity for self-reflection, learning, and growing and don’t get stuck face down in the mud unable to get up and grow.

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3 Mindful Techniques For the Classroom You Can Use RIGHT NOW!

Starting your class on a mindfulness practice is easy and can be done in a numbers of ways that are NON BORING and will engage a diverse range of students. With so many students stressed, anxious and often under slept, you will be surprised how willing they are to get some tools they can use in the classroom and in their lives to help them feel better and more in control.

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The Mind-Bully Connection

Can mindfulness stop bullying? The idea seems crazy doesn’t it – mindfulness is usually thought of as passive, internal and still vs the brutality of a bully. But if we think about it for a moment, it begins to make sense. If all of us are united in our universal suffering and the need to calm our minds and connect to our essential loving and still natures, then the bully and the bullied already share a common experience of life.

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Here’s a Present for You...

Who doesn’t love a present? At Calm Mind Project we are massively WRAPPED (see what I did there) with giving a present to everyone we talk to. But I get it, it can be kind of weird to get your head around. So let me break it down and get you set up and ready to be mindful. And that is a key, but subtle part; Mindfulness is being, not doing.

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Mindful As.

Boring. Boring, boring, boring. BORING.

Is that what you think when you think of mindfulness? I recently presented to a bunch of very switched on Year 9 students. Interestingly, when I asked them if they had ever experienced anxiety, stress, bad sleep patterns, depression or worry, their hands SHOT UP in the air, some with both hands raised. But when I asked them if they had ever heard of mindfulness or tried any techniques to help with their issues, they were totally MEH about it.

Mindfulness, to their minds, was boring.

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Why Mindfulness Matters To Teens And Young Adults

Despite being an intense and vulnerable time, childhood and adolescence provide a pivotal time and space for us to practice mindfulness to develop skills that will serve us for all of life.By practicing and encouraging mindfulness in our teens and children, we are building emotional resilience, passion and creativity, connected relationships, conscious living, and self compassion.

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