How To Release Emotions In The Body

The key to mastering emotional intelligence and becoming emotionally resilient lies in the subtle and simple practice of being both aware and present to the emotions in our body, and relating to those emotions with surrender, a clear mind and no reaction. Easier said than done? We get it!

Which is why we’ve got another audio for you today that you will likely turn to again and again, to teach you the very process you can use to be present with and move through any emotion that arises in your body, and apply it to your everyday life.

Our feelings and emotions can hold a lot of wisdom; they’re often guiding us to practice more self-compassion, shift our perspective or dive deeper into gratitude. But when met with a busy mind, we can tend to react instead of letting them communicate to us, so this audio is the perfect reminder to help you calm the mind, connect with your emotions and feel them instead of letting them consume you.

This audio is part of Module 3 in our Calm Mind Program for Everyday People, which is all about Body Awareness and Sense Perception.

Have a listen here.

If you find this audio helpful and want to dive deeper into using the body to connect with your emotions, check out the Calm Mind Program for Everyday People here and get started straight away.

Amber Hawken