Why We Believe Meditation + Mindfulness Will Change The World


Calm Crew here. We would love to re-introduce ourselves.

Calm Mind Project addresses the foundations of inner connection, emotional intelligence and purposeful living by teaching mindfulness, meditation and self awareness.

Our founder, Amber has recorded an on the fly audio for you guys about our current expansion, goals and intentions for Calm Mind Project (down below after you read the blog).

When we began this project, we wanted to prevent mental illness in the next generations and build emotional resilience and intelligence through self awareness, mindfulness and meditation.

That idea quickly exploded as we realised not only do we need to teach teachers in school the tools to pass onto their students, we need to support the teachers wellbeing as well. We were requested across Australia doing workshops and keynotes at teacher leadership events, teacher PD conferences and requests for programs and retreats to support teacher wellbeing came flooding into our inbox.

And then of course there are the parents. What a big job they have with their little ones minds and hearts as well as their very own to handle. After we had been through 11 or so schools, the emails and messages popped through from the parents asking where they could learn what their children had learnt at the Calm Mind class at school. They wanted to continue this at home and learn the skills for themselves.We soon realise they need this stuff too!

A few months in we were scouted by some small businesses who wanted to shift the culture within their team and prioritise their staff wellbeing and focus on fulfillment from the inside out.

From there the only people left who we hadn’t touched on were the everyday people. The postman, the checkout person as Coles, the accountant, the soon to be parents, the new grad, the retired couple, the 20 something entrepreneur, the manager at Maccas, the personal trainer etc etc

Viola - in just 6 months we suddenly we went from training the minds of youths to - well, schools, parents, businesses and everyday people.

We have big plans - BIG ones!

For example - we want to Calm 1,000,000 minds within the next 5 years. And the biggest of them all: we aim to turn Calm Mind Project into a for-profit organisation as we grow so that we can provide free training and resources to people who have no access to this kind of support.

10% of all profits from Calm Mind Project festivals (primarily free, but we have VIP paid ticket options) already go to Free To Shine to prevent sex trafficking. We are about circulation and it’s just the beginning.

We are planning our expansion in a way that we don’t overwhelm our crew trying to do it all at once. Ya know, being mindful and calm and all.

So we will be launching programs like popcorn. A little sporadically and mostly overly excited. While we won’t launch them covered in salt and butter, we promise you that they’ll be delicious for your mind, emotions and spirit.

Currently we are providing some kind of program, event, workshop, retreat, content and or festival for each of these groups we’ve listed. Check out our forever growing programs page and be sure to keep an eye out on your emails and Instagram for new programs and products.

Our founder, Amber is big on spontaneity and this morning she paused the launch as she wanted to do a personal a more in-depth explanation about Calm Mind Project being less about people, “feeling good” and more about people re-wiring their minds, bodies and emotions for calm, resilience and empowerment through the ancient practices of mindfulness and meditation.

She covers:

  • Where we began.

  • Why meditation and mindfulness are not endpoints but foundations.

  • How we plan all our work to be long-term solutions, a tool for prevention and an alleviation of the symptoms of mental, emotional and spiritual stress that arise in our present life. 

  • What mindfulness and meditation have to do with trauma, emotional intelligence and the development of key resilience skills in our youth.

  • Preventing the continuation of fears and toxic habits amongst family and other close relationships.

  • The relationship between focus - meditation - self-control and confidence.

  • A little bit of her excited chatter here and there with a few rabbit holes when she gets extra passionate.

  • Have a listen here.

Thanks for coming along on this wild ride.

We will be in touch soon!


The Calm Crew