Teachers Need Wellbeing Too! – Fighting Burnout With Mindfulness.

You know it, we know it – teaching is one of the hardest professions there is, and seems to be getting more overwhelming every term. You’re trying to deliver the best quality education, keep up with professional development, policy is always changing and needs to be included in your class, plus there is all the additional things you need to do, excursions, marking and don’t start on the role you play as additional parent, counsellor, nutritional adviser, disciplinarian and shoulder to cry on.

You don’t know when the moment will be that what comes out of your mouth will change a child’s life forever, light the spark of their future, or just make everything make sense. You may never know what an influence you were, but you know in your bones what you do matters and every day you will get up and keep going even if it feels a little like a war zone at times.

We feel you, and that’s why at Calm Mind Project we have developed lots of resources for you, the teacher, the unsung hero of children’s lives. We love mindfulness as it WORKS, and unequivocally can bring your day back into shape when it is feeling all kinds of OMG. We want you to have a tool belt full of tricks you can use to keep you energised, out front and able to do the most important job on the planet – creating the well-rounded humans of the future.

To say thanks for all you do as a teacher (and everything else you are in your own lives) we have some very awesome free stuff to fight fatigue and burnout that you can do in a few minutes every day. If your mind could drink an espresso and have a massage at the same time – this is IT!

To grab your dose of mindfulness from Calm Mind Project follow this link, [insert link] and we will send it your way for some A+ self-care, plus let you know how Calm Mind Project can work with you, your students and your school to bring mindfulness to every part of your ecosystem.

Hey teacher – WE LOVE YOU!

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