Practice Makes…Practice.

You know the saying ‘practice makes perfect’? What even is that? I get super cranky at so many of the things that we say, or make into those adorbs memes on Insta that we all like and believe without question. Anyhoo. Perfect is one of those words that means well, but can be like an arrow to the heart.

At Calm Mind Project we are big believers that we are all perfect all the time. When we hold this as a fundamental belief, then we know that who we are right now is the total best, and we don’t have any reason to be self critical or hate on ourselves or anyone else for that matter.

If you already are perfect there is no need to practice it, there is just a need to be who you are at this very moment, accepting, loving and open to moving perfectly from one moment to the next. No need to ladle on the pressure to be something you’re not, coz you already are it. My friend Polly has a saying, ‘Be It Till You Are It’. I love this, because what it means is you already are whatever you want to be – you just can’t see it in yourself yet, so that is what you are working gently and lovingly towards, being able to see your own greatness.

If you’ve read through my story on the website, some of you may know that I love competitive sports. I used to represent Queensland in soccer, and sports is where I really learned about what practice is. I wasn’t born with mad soccer skills or any other mad skills for that matter. I wasn’t better or worse than anyone else who wanted to pick up that ball and run with it (haha – clearly I was born with pun skills.) I wanted to play and I wanted to be good. And the only way I could was to practice and practice and practice. No one could give it to me; I had to do it myself and stay focussed on the moment and my bigger audacious goal of getting to represent my state, and remind myself why I was putting in the effort and giving up all the other things I could be doing.

Mindfulness is exactly the same. You start out being present, you’re REALLY trying to be present. Trying so hard you pretty soon realise you are focussed on the trying and not the present. Start over. And so it goes. It always starts out a little frustrating. You get mad with yourself and with the world, stooopid mindfulness, you just want to punch it in the nose.

But you keep going. And in a while, when you have come back to the present moment and have talked yourself through observing your actions without reaction or judgement, you notice that you are beginning to do it without having to think about it. Remember being a baby? (Like who does.) But we all learned how to walk and talk one step, one word at a time. Look at us now. Practice. We’re still learning, and we never stop. That’s what makes us human and amazing.

You’re amazing right now. But keep practicing.