Taking Out The Trash

Remember a few blogs ago when I talked about *some* people finding mindfulness boring? NO WAY, I know, as it’s pretty much the most dynamic thing ever. But I get why it might sound like it’s a bit vanilla. Even though vanilla is the most popular flavour in the world. We can all learn from vanilla. I’m hoping that you’re doing your mindful practice and beginning to really get into the present.

It’s quite shocking, once you are doing mindful daily moments, how you can begin to be a little more detached, and little more real, a little more you – the you you were born to be, not the you that you think you are. I love mindfulness, so full of paradox. Just like humans ☺

In meditation world where mindfulness lives, it is often said that your mind gets busier before it gets stiller – who’s finding that right now with their mindfulness practice (I’m imagining hands flying up in the air)? That’s what happens, once you actually come into the moment, and aren’t distracting yourself with past and future fiction of your own making, things start to get a little cray cray.

It’s called discomfort. Not something most of us actively seek out. We LOVE comfort, but you know what happens with comfort? That’s right – nothing. We absolutely positively don’t grow when we aren’t right up on the high wire of your comfort zones without a safety net. The great thing is that we do grow when we are brave enough to get uncomfortable, and when we fall, we grow even more.

The smack talk and turbulence that happens in your mind once you start to regularly practice mindfulness is your mind wriggling around trying to get back to its comfy spot on the couch.

Your new self awareness allows a torch to shine into the recesses of your mind, and begin to see the areas where you have allowed a fair bit of trash to accumulate. No wonder we are all trash talking ourselves 24/7.

This is the absolute beauty of being mindful. Now, when we get a little smack talk from our minds, we don’t have to listen and believe our own hype. We can compassionately and calmly observe what is happening, and then gently dismiss it. It’s part of being present. And believe me, when you start to realise that your mind is full of opinions NOT facts, you will treat it like a Buzzfeed headline and not get sucked in to clicking through to that one old wives trick that will make you lose 10kgs while making your skin perfect. (Spoiler alert – it doesn’t work.) This is the beginning of falling in love with yourself, when you can let the trash go, stay present to the moment, and acknowledge that once you get rid of the mess, you have a mind that is beautiful – and the rest of you too.

Keep moving that rubbish along, you’re making awesome progress.