The Power Of Breath

Breathing is without a doubt one of the most powerful tools you can use in your mindfulness and meditation practice. In fact, it’s essential, and the audio we’re sharing with you in this post is going to help you completely see your breath in a whole new light.

Before you can master any form of meditation, you first need to learn how to breathe effectively. That’s right, there’s so much more to breathing than you’re probably aware of. Your breath is your very own anchor to your inner calm, a focused mind, as well as increased energy levels.

This super simple practice that you already do every second of your life can actually be your greatest superpower when done correctly and with intention. Which is why Breath is a key module in our Calm Mind Program for Everyday People, and we’re sharing with you the very first audio from that module - Breathing for Energy, Calm, Balance, Release and Activation.

In this audio, you’ll learn:

  • The role of the breath in the physical body and how it interacts with the various systems in your body

  • The relationship between your breath and your energy levels

  • How breathing effectively leads to a focused, calm mind

Have a listen here.

If this audio leaves you excited about the true power of your breath and you want to dive deeper into some calm breathing exercises and how to use the breathe to balance the mind, body and your emotions, check out the Calm Mind Program for Everyday People here and get started straight away.

Amber Hawken