How To Choose Calm With Ease

You can have all the mindfulness tools and meditation tracks in the world available to you, but if you’re still playing the same stories in your mind that labels life as “hard” or “difficult”, or you fail to take responsibility for all the choices you get to make that affect your situation, it’s not too hard to work out that you’re still going to come up against roadblock after roadblock.

As we approach the holidays, there’s never been a better time to take a good look at the meaning you are choosing to give things. Stress, family tension and disagreements are often prevalent at this time of year, but with today’s audio, you get to cruise on into the holidays with a different perspective, a new set of questions to ask yourself, and a personal reminder of what it really means to align with what you truly want.

This audio, titled ‘Ease, Experience and Choice’ is part of Module 5 in our Calm Mind Program for Everyday People, which is all about Thought Mastery, Compassion and Gratitude.

Have a listen here.

If this audio helps you choose a little more ease during your holidays, please share it with someone you love, and check out the Calm Mind Program for Everyday People to dive deeper into how you can choose something new for yourself in 2019.

Amber Hawken