Hey friend,

Reeeeeaaaaddddddd meeeeee. All of me. I know you are short of time, that's why you are here. I don't care, read me anyway.

Let's take a collective breath and get down to business. 

Shortly you’ll be embarking on an audio training for 5 consecutive days. 

My goal over the five days is to not only teach you how to meditate but also guide you to question the busy mind. That way in the future, when it tries to pull you into busyness and distraction you'll know why and what to do about it.  

This free five-day challenge is usually delivered to you via email but you’re lucky enough to have it all here in the one spot. Before you begin, I want you to have some skin in this game.

I want you to do something really really personal. 

I want you to send an email to me right now and finish this sentence and tell me your intention:

”If I moved through the resistance to meditation, what would be possible in my life that's not possible with a busy mind?”

And a prompt for your intention:
My intention for commitment to this 5-day practice is…

The science of neuroplasticity tells us that intentions forge a fresh pathway in the brain that lights up our reticular activation system, increasing our success around a new direction or goal.

Alrighty, can't wait to read your answers. And once you’ve done that, dive straight on in to your Day One training below.

See you in there!

Ambz + The Calm Mind Crew.